Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Service Providers

We are a growing and ambitious company looking for quality service driven Canadian businesses to join us in delivering assistance to thousands of Canadian marrying couples.



Weddings in Canada

alt Insightful articles, user forums/ communities and tools for planning the ideal Canadian wedding
alt User friendly web platform with interactive abilities that will continue to improve through technical and user interventions
alt Advance Business Directory with built in Google Earth with GEO advance local search and locate system
alt Compelling service packages, offers and benefits

We have done the research to determine the potential for your business to accommodating this industry. With a fresh voice and vision the groomnbride is extending it's service and brand to every venue couples seek in planning their Canadian weddings.


Realtors & Brokers

Small to medium sized businesses, connect your brand and services to a direct community today.

Real estate agents and brokers, here is your opportunity to be apart of a new innovative marketing approach to a direct and immediate cleintelle. Our newly wed couples are in search of a place to call home. Be the first to welcome them to a new start.

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alt *featured exposure
alt search optimized
alt list with facities & features
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High Local Visibility

Connect your brand to the thousands of engaged couples who visit every month with a multitude of opportunities:

  • Banner Branding: high-profile real estate
  • Email Marketing: the right message at the right time
  • Sponsorships: contextual, maximized targeting
  • Online Directories: drive sales & high-quality leads
  • High-level Promotion: deals & offers
  • Surveys & Research: tap into a valuable audience

Request a national media kit via email or give us a call at (416) 462-0082 ext 5.

With Visibility to Impress
  • Banner Branding
    for: high profile real estate
  • Business Web Dev
    convenience and accessibility
  • Online Directories
    to: drive sales leads
  • High Level Promoting
    with: deals and offers





National Advertising

  Michael Stevenson, Publisher   Email
  Jessica Caporusso, Assistant Publisher   Email
  Dave Thompson, Publishing Editor   Email

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