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Deciding on The Veil Headpiece
Veils come in many styles and are usually chosen to accent particular facial features and or beautiful hairstyles. Veils and headpieces range from combs, bands, hats or tiaras. The style, in which you will wear your hair on the day of the wedding, will help you in determining the type of headpiece or veil to consider.
Wedding Gown Sleeve Style Guide Sleeves are an important part of the overall look you are trying to achieve when shopping for a wedding gown; they range in style from long to short. Many different styles are also available, some puffy, some slim fitting. The one right for you will depend on the time of year your wedding is scheduled for and the style of your gown.

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Our image is defined by shapes to set appearance
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defined by shapes to set appearance
with that specific look. Get information on types of
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Attire Guidelines For The Fashion Focus Bride

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Attire Guidelines For The Fashion Focus Bride

Wedding styles range from small and not so formal, where others are large and extravagant, obviously choosing the perfect look for that occasion will depend on the wedding style you have chosen.

The wedding party’s attire should be based on the style or complexity of the wedding event itself, with that in mind choosing an all out fancy gown for a small intimate and less formal affair wouldn’t quite suit the occasion. Along with the attire of the bride and groom, the wedding party attire must also be of compliment to the event.

Unless you are an individual who is well organized and who knows exactly what you want you shouldn’t have a problem with these choices or decisions, but for most brides-to-be all the choices can become overwhelming. Having a wedding style plan ahead of time will help you when making final plans and decisions. Choosing the formality of your wedding will all depend on your family values, traditions, finances and your personal preference. Once you have considered the type of wedding you would like to plan for then all the other areas of your decisions should fall back to the formality of the wedding.

Here we have put together a brake down of attire style guidelines to assist you.

Informal weddings-

  • Formal dress (floor length) or suit, smooth or lace fabric.
  • No veil or train required. Include the use of a small bouquet or corsage.
  • Bridal party-can be dressed in solid or printed fabric with style suitable for the season. Include the us of small bouquets or simple stemmed flowers.

Semiformal wedding-

  • Floor length gown with chapel veil and small bouquet or, mid-length gown with fingertip veil and small bouquet (hats can also be worn).
  • Bridal party can be dressed in a semiformal gown, solid color, small bouquet.

Formal daytime wedding-

  • Floor length traditional wedding gown with train fingertip veil or wide rimmed hat gloves and medium size bouquets.
  • Bridal party should be dressed in a formal gown with a small to medium bouquet.

Formal evening wedding-

  • Floor length traditional wedding gown with train
  • Longer veil then formal daytime wedding above gloves and medium to large bouquet.
  • Bridal party should be dressed in formal gowns with or without scarves and to be holding a medium size bouquet.

Very formal wedding-

  • Traditional pure or off white wedding gown (floor length)
  • Cathedral train or extended cathedral train
  • Long sleeves or full length gloves
  • Full length veil, elaborate head piece
  • Cascade or large bouquet

Bridal party-same as above.

  • The lists of style guidelines provided by us are in no way the only way to go. Your day is your wedding and minor alterations may be done. We have simply given you a
  • few pointers to help you along with your decisions and we hope that this will make some of your choices a bit easier. Check out the groom’s attire style guideline we have
  • provided in the grooms corner for some more great ideas on dressing for the big day.

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