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Deciding on The Veil Headpiece
Veils come in many styles and are usually chosen to accent particular facial features and or beautiful hairstyles. Veils and headpieces range from combs, bands, hats or tiaras. The style, in which you will wear your hair on the day of the wedding, will help you in determining the type of headpiece or veil to consider.
Wedding Gown Sleeve Style Guide Sleeves are an important part of the overall look you are trying to achieve when shopping for a wedding gown; they range in style from long to short. Many different styles are also available, some puffy, some slim fitting. The one right for you will depend on the time of year your wedding is scheduled for and the style of your gown.

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Our image is defined by shapes to set appearance
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defined by shapes to set appearance
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Bridal Gown Bodice Styles & Information

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Bridal Gown Bodice Styles & Information

The bodice is the upper body and waistline of a wedding dress, it is a very important part on a gown as it is there to enhance the appearance of a woman’s feminine figure. These too range in many styles depending on the type of dress you intend on wearing the day of your wedding.

For many women, certain areas of the body are wished to either, disappear in a flowing gown, or to be framed, and outlined with a gown that enhances the natural shape of their body. The formality of the wedding will also play a part in the bodice style that is best suited for the event.

The bodice is one of the important focal points on a wedding dress that should be carefully selected as it will enhance your natural body shape. For some, this is good but for others, this may be an area they would rather not outline.

Here is a list that includes different bodice styles to be considered when shopping for a wedding gown.

bodice1.gif Empire-
This shortened bodice starts just below the bust line wear the skirt begins. It has a long elegant flow.
bodice2.gif Princess-
This style is one that will hug the upper body then flare out into the skirted area, giving a clean flow look that will not hug the waistline.
bodice3.gif Natural waistline-
This style looks just the way it sounds. The bodice and skirt are joined at the natural waistline.
bodice4.gif Dropped waist-
This style is great for those with a short waist; its bodice is lower then the average wedding gown.
gown4.gif Fitted or ball-gown-
This style is fitted to the upper body; the bodice is located on the natural waistline and usually ends in a dropped waist style. It has a full skirt and is known as the classic design worn by many brides
gown3.gif Basque waistline-
This dress is the most popular style worn by brides. It has an elongated bodice that is fitted to the upper body and drops to a V shape in the front of the gown where the skirt flows full.

As you can see, many styles exist for the bodice of a wedding gown. Choosing the right one will depend on your natural figure and remember, there is a gown for everyone. Search for the perfect dress with an open mind and be willing to try on different styles, even if you are unsure of the look from presentation. Often wedding gowns give a different appearance once they are tried on.

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