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Choosing a Bestman
As a groom-to-be popping the big question to your love one is tough enough, let alone having to show one of your guy friends your sensitive side. As a groom-to-be, you will be faced with many complicated decisions to make along the way, choosing the right man to stand up for you the day of your wedding may likely be a bit uncomfortable but never the less should be taken as an honor to the person being asked.
Your Top 10 List of Things To-Do
Your wedding, it’s a moment in your life that will forever be remembered as a special moment shared with the woman of your dreams. You will remember the celebration with friends and family of best wishers and be overjoyed with the memories of old familiar faces.

Your Top 10 List of Things To-Do

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Your wedding, it’s a moment in your life that will forever be remembered as a special moment shared with the woman of your dreams. You will remember the celebration with friends and family of best wishers and be overjoyed with the memories of old familiar faces.


Planning will stretch over several months of headaches and frustrations. This is very common in planning a wedding and should still be a moment savored for its value to the memories you will share together in laughter and tears. Unless you are looking to hire a planning consultant, the process of organizing, contacting, informing, preparing, and everything thing else, will be a part of the building blocks for lasting fond memories and moments shared with faces and personalities. Giving and taking should be practiced by you and your finance consistently. Take this time to enjoy your company even more as you learn new things about each other that you never knew. Take the time to ensure this is a moment that you will look back on with wonderful memories of humor and entertainment.

Here is a list of things that may come in handy when planning the big event that is your wedding. Practicing these suggestions may prove essential to your event and the memories being those that you will continually be proud of

A few things to do that will ensure a more pleasant experience to your wedding event

  1. 1.) Maintain a good sense of humor about things.
    At moments like this when everything is on the go and time seem to be of limited quantity, it is easy to be annoyed by almost anything. Remember that this is your wedding and common errors will not take this fact in consideration but will rather seem bolder and more obvious. Just take a few minutes to breathe and work it out.
  2. 2.) Ensure that you always have a clear line of open communication with your fiancé
    This woman is to be your wife and life long partner. Communication we know is very vital to any relationship and at odd times this may be broken down. Mending broken bridges that could have been prevented is always harder. Remember that you both will be overwhelmed with the event’s preparation so, staying in tuned with each other’s wishes and intents will do good at making sure communication is not a factor in staying organized.
  3. 3.) Be receptive to ideas and advice from parents, friends and other family members.
    Throughout the process of planning your wedding there may be areas that will have you stumped or confused on what direction to take. The advice from others could work to give you a better understanding, allow for a needed reality check or provide you with alternative methods you never considered possible. 
  4. 4.) Be flexible with your time
    Flexibility though something you are forced to practice is not often done in the right order. This could be damaging to you staying organized and in control. Your time is precious but so is the time of others. This is your event and your time will be in more demand than anyone else’s. Make sure that your schedules do not conflict, and for safe measures giving yourself 30 minutes between any appointments will be a good way to staying focused and alert to things that may need your immediate attention.
  5. 5.) Remember to not loose touch with your estimated budget.
    The idea of the wedding prier to starting plans and preparations is often exaggerated especially when compare to the actual event. Everyone wants to have the perfect wedding where finance is not issue however, regardless of your financial standings, staying in control of what is spent is always a smart way to get your money’s worth. Your budget is important and so if negotiating is what it will take to get what you want at the price you need, then start brushing up on your skills. Avoid additional expenses that were that were not previously discussed and be clear with all payments and dues. Whatever you do, it is important to set a budget and try your hardest to stick to it. 
  6. 6.) Stay in shape and balance your diet for the upcoming event.
    You’ve heard it a million times “stay in shape and eat well” This is common knowledge but not heard enough until it’s time to fit into that suit and impress that crowd (including your lady love). A healthy mind and body will go a long way come wedding day and will stretch even further on the honeymoon. Impressing your wife on what you have done to look better for her will be a gift that will bring a warm smile to your heart. Your time is limited but, in the rush of everything exercise can still be practiced. Cut out the donuts and other fattening stuff you have grown used to. Do more walking, biking and movements during preparations. Balanced with healthy eating, loosing a few extra pounds or just tightening up on what you’ve got will paint a picture that will have you looking proud.
  7. 7.) Purchase or make up handy responsibility cards for your groomsmen.
    So much to do, so little time. Time again is a factor in planning your wedding. The last things you should have to worry about are those that could and probably should be taken care of by your helpful groomsmen. This is a part of their supportive responsibility. They cannot do the things you must obviously but, can assist in taking care of unique duties that will make your time more flexible and open to other more important things.
  8. 8.) Accompany your fiancé in selecting items for the gift registry.
    Team work will be another responsibility in your relationship that must be stretched evenly. Though your wife may in some cases be more familiar with the ins and outs of shopping for the home, choosing items for your gift registry will be much easier done together. You both will have different taste and opinions on the items to be selected. The intentions of your gift giving guests are however, to please you both by purchasing gift items that will be appreciated by you both. Having some say on the selection of items in the registry is a good way to ensure you will get item/s that will be personally useful (a nice power tool perhaps).
  9. 9.) Pre-work your new shoes in to ensure a comfortable experience on your wedding day.
    Shoes are just as important as clothing. For men, the comfort of the shoes will more than often help to make the decision on whether or not to wear. For most women, this is not as much a concern. If you intend on purchasing new shoes for your wedding, a strong advice would be to do so months before the wedding. New shoes will often be stiff and hard. If your choice is leather, it is possible to locate formal footwear with soft skinned leather that will still give you a shine to compliment the rest of your attire. Leather being skin will be easier to break in rather than synthetic material. The difference is that leather is skin and stretching is a natural occurrence. Synthetic material may however take a longer time depending on the stiffness of the lining and material.
  10. 10.) Maintain a pleasant composure of yourself during the wedding.
    Your big day will include many distractions and influences. Staying pleasantly composed is a good way to avoid embarrassment. Though this is a time of celebration, doing so without regards may only give you memories that you will regretfully rather not have. Give your guests a pleasant impression by making sure they are personally greeted by you and your spouse at periods in the reception. Keeping a smile on your face for videos, photos and onlookers will always paint a beautiful picture of your event in the mind of everyone including yourself.

These are our top ten most important things that a groom should always keep in mind during the wedding event. Surely there are more things that could be added to improve on this list but, using this as a starting point will lead you in the right direction to a better experience and a more pleasing memory of the event.

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