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Choosing a Bestman
As a groom-to-be popping the big question to your love one is tough enough, let alone having to show one of your guy friends your sensitive side. As a groom-to-be, you will be faced with many complicated decisions to make along the way, choosing the right man to stand up for you the day of your wedding may likely be a bit uncomfortable but never the less should be taken as an honor to the person being asked.
Your Top 10 List of Things To-Do
Your wedding, it’s a moment in your life that will forever be remembered as a special moment shared with the woman of your dreams. You will remember the celebration with friends and family of best wishers and be overjoyed with the memories of old familiar faces.

Groom: Financial Responsibilities

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Yes, you too as a groom-to-be and your parents have specific financial responsibilities for your upcoming wedding. It has been a common tradition that the bride’s parents pay for most of their daughters wedding costs, but in reality this is not a rule of thumb.

For the groom and his parents there are certain areas in which they should take on a part of the expenses. Some of these areas include, the bride’s gift and the cost of the honeymoon.

An upcoming wedding for a groom-to-be can feel very stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Learning as much as you can about the preparations involved with your wedding will help you better plan and prepare for it. Although most of your wedding plans will be handled together, there are areas in which a groom-to-be must handle. For the average guy, planning and preparing events is often left up to the women. In this case however, you must take the initiative to understand your responsibilities and ensure that areas handle by you are done properly and in full support of the wedding event. 

We have provided you with a list of areas that are commonly taken care of by the groom and his family.

The groom and his family

  • Your own travel expenses to the ceremony.
  • Your own attire costs.
  • Bride’s gift.
  • Bride’s wedding ring.
  • Officiant’s fee.
  • Medical examination.
  • Rehearsal dinner.
  • Gifts for the groomsmen.
  • Bride’s bouquet.
  • Mother’s corsage.
  • Grandmother’s corsage.
  • Boutonnieres.
  • Marriage license.
  • Prenuptial agreement if one will be used.
  • Honeymoon expenses.

This should be used, as a guide to help you determine what areas should be handled by you or your family. Other areas of consideration may come up depending on your wedding day theme or traditional beliefs. If you and your bride-to-be are working from a very traditional worksheet, you may want to research and acquire more information in this area.

Organization will help you through the planning stages of your wedding and understanding your responsibilities will ensure you of making good decisions during the days approaching.

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