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Choosing Your Wedding Date
The news of an engagement often come as a surprise for most, after the excitement, tears and warm congratulations, then comes the big question; when is the big day? As if you have had time to actually think of the details among all of your emotions and excitements.
Time To Start Spreading The News
Your engaged, what a warm wonderful life long dream it has been, wow. During this time you will be faced with emotions, anxiety and excitement. Spreading the news to close family members first is the number one priority on your mind. Along with your jitters will come relief from sharing the excitement with others.

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"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."

Martin Luther

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Planning For The Reception

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Planning For The Reception

The reception, this is the exciting part of your wedding event where family, friends and well wishers interact and enjoy all that you and your party have so carefully put together. It is also responsible for 70% of your migraines and frustrations. The reception is where it all comes together, the planning, organizing, researching, gathering, expense and so much more. In among all this however somewhere in there the fun and excitement lingers back and forth. The reception is a tradition in most weddings through a celebration of some kind after the actual ceremony.


The standard ingredients will include:

  • A reception location (which may or may not include; catering and bar)
  • Transportation
  • Flowers
  • Finery
  • Protocol
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Entertainment of some kind (DJs, Live Band etc.)
  • Catering
  • Wedding cake
  • Stationeries (Napkins, Place cards etc.)

Let’s start with;

When, Where and How to pull off this period of the event.
It is time to plan your reception; the first thing to do is find a location that will be of suitable comfort to you and your guests. This location site will need to be available on the day of your wedding of course as the reception is usually directly after the wedding ceremony. Most Religious Officiants will instruct you to first set the ceremony date before looking for a reception site. Some couples would rather do the opposite. For these couples making the ceremony date conform to the date available by the reception is more logical being that reception locations depending on the date desire may be booked. Of course, this will really depend on your preferred reception appeal and ambiance or it really doesn’t matter as long as it is satisfying to you and your guests.

Peak locations for marriages in Canada, falls between (May – September), during this period finding a location can be somewhat of a competitive sport where “first come” really means “first served”. If your wedding date is being considered between these time periods it might be a good idea to give yourself 1 to 1-1/2 years in advance when searching.

Reception places
There are many places that have won the interest of couples the world over as a great place for the wedding reception; among them are halls, ballrooms and clubs. These are still the most popular locations. You will find that in today’s age of ideas and creativity the options are more extensive and are only limited by your imagination, style, preferred location and of course pocket. There is no need however to consider what you are limited to as being second best, remember your location is a place of celebration and good time. Having your guests seated comfortably in a location where they can interact, eat, drink and dance is more than good enough. Should you however decide to investigate your options here are some ideas of potential sites to consider.

  • Castles, estates or mansions
  • Museum/ art galleries
  • Gardens
  • Country inns
  • Scenic mountain resorts
  • Beaches
  • Farmhouses
  • Ships, boats, or yachts
  • Concert Halls
  • Historic villages
  • Luxury hotels
  • Historic hotels
  • Public garden or parks
  • Greenhouses
  • Beach clubs
  • Open lot overlooking the city bridges, skyscraper buildings, highway etc.
  • Apple orchards
  • Historic battle ships
  • Waterfront restaurant or pier
  • Lighthouses
  • Ranches
  • Observatories
  • Theaters
  • Traditional Chapels
  • University or college chapels, or courtyard

These and many more locations that may be of interest to you and your spouse will do wonders to give your event that extra touch and captivation desired. Locations are only locations and have been so long before your wedding. Making “a location” a site for your event will definitely require the added touch of creativity that requires careful planning and organizing by a professional or someone with experience in order to pull it off. The pocket expense for a nontraditional site may no doubt cost you more but, weighing the cost against what you will get with a surrounding that sets an impact from scenery, and atmosphere may prove fulfilling and long lasting to the memories shared between you and your guests.

All in all taking the time out to carefully plan and organize your wedding reception will be well worth the money and stress associated with ensuring your reception is everything you dreamt it to be and more.

For more information see our related; sites & locations as well as customs & tradition area.

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