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Choosing Your Wedding Date
The news of an engagement often come as a surprise for most, after the excitement, tears and warm congratulations, then comes the big question; when is the big day? As if you have had time to actually think of the details among all of your emotions and excitements.
Time To Start Spreading The News
Your engaged, what a warm wonderful life long dream it has been, wow. During this time you will be faced with emotions, anxiety and excitement. Spreading the news to close family members first is the number one priority on your mind. Along with your jitters will come relief from sharing the excitement with others.

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"To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage."

Lao Tzu

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Save Money on Costly Wedding Accessories

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Save Money on Costly Wedding Accessories

Many small accessories will be needed the day of the wedding, from place cards to the envelope baskets. Selecting accessories for these purposes will be a decision based on your personal taste. These will also range in price based on the care in details. Believe it or not most of these items can be hand crafted and made to look just as favorable as the ones available for purchase in a party or wedding store.


Place cards-
Place cards are cards that are placed at each table setting. They include the name of the guest whom should be seated at each place setting. These cards are often folded and stand-alone. They are simple and can be hand crafted, printed professionally through your local print shop or commonly ordered at the same time as your wedding invitations. Here are just a few ways to save money on these items.

  1. Purchase blank pop out cards from a stationary or office store, type or get creative with a calligraphy pen and write in the necessary information.
  2. Basic tags can be written on and placed in photo holders; these can also be used as wedding favors. ‘Hitting two birds with one stone’ (so to speak) will save you money and aggravation.

Bride’s box-
The bride’s box is known as her very own organizer. It often holds contact information for each guest along with their address they are commonly listed in alphabetical order. All received gifts from pre-wedding parties, showers and the wedding are kept track of here in the correct order. This little box is also a great way for the bride to keep track of her out going thank you cards. If you wish to save money in this area try to construct one on your own, the simple task will involve a few items and the use of a hot glue gun. Here is a list of things that will be needed to make a wedding box of your own.

  • Invest in a hot glue gun it can be used for many crafty wedding ideas. In this case it will be used to hold ribbon, fabric and beads in place.
  • Your choice of lace, ribbon, beads and fabric will be needed to cover the box completely. The hot glue gun will come in handy when putting everything into place. 
  • Let the bride’s box dry for over night to ensure the fabric does not shift.

As you will see, this task is crafty, fun and best of all it will save you money. If this box was purchased in a bridal shop or stationary store it would probably cost $20.00-$30.00, made by hand only the cost of material would apply, this would again range in price depending on your personal taste from around $12.00-$15.00.

Cake knife-
The wedding cake will need to be cut right? Well the wedded couple is usually responsible for providing their own cake cutter. These handy long knives can cost a small fortune. Even though most of these items will be kept as keep sakes, no one wants to spend more then they need to on an item that will be used one time to cut a cake. Cake knives are usually silver and often come with a crystal handle. Although a wedding cake must be cut, the use of an expensively purchased cake cutter is not necessary unless of course this is not an area that concerns you or your budget. Once again getting crafty in this area is a possible and will certainly save you some money. If your choice is to use a crafty cake cutter for the cake due to the sentimental values that it applies but would still like to save in this area, consider doing it yourself. Decorating a cake knife is simple, the steps are; 

  1. Get a long piece of ribbon and wind it around the handle of the cutter
  2. Hot glue gun the ribbons end to fasten it into place. 
  3. At the base of the handle were it meets the cutter, make a large bow with the same ribbon. That should dress it up enough but if that’s not fancy enough for you, get creative and add a bit more details to it.

Borrow a cake knife-
You can ask your caterer if they have one you could borrow for the evening, this will also save you some money instead of having to purchase one.

Guest book and pen-
We’ve all seen them; yes the white feather pen and fancy lined address book. They are seen at virtually every wedding. These items can always be found in a bridal shop or stationary store, they come in white, or cream and are decorated with fabrics and ribbon. The book to accompany the pen in line with this package can be very expensive to purchase so why not save your money and consider making your own.

The guest book is a book that is signed by the guests at a wedding reception. Often their name, address and a brief note of best wishes is written inside. These books usually resemble a specialty item, when indeed they are only decorated note books.

Save your money and consider creating a fancy guest book of your own with the use of a lined note or address book bought in any stationary store. This book can easily be decorated into the ideal guest book to suit your wedding theme or style.

Things needed

  • Lined notebook 
  • Fabric, preferably satin or cotton (white or cream)
  • Lace or ribbon
  • Beads
  • Dried flowers


  1. Cut the fabric large enough to cover the entire book.
  2. The fabric will need to be fastened to the cover of the notebook, front and back with a hot glue gun. 
  3. The access fabric should be fastened on the inner flaps of the books cover. 
  4. Arrange the items on the cover before you glue them down, this way you are sure they will be presented nicely. There are no rules on decorating the rest of the guest book, once you have gotten this far completing the final details should come naturally.

As for the feather pen, well that is just as easy.

  1. Buy a long pen and a feather
  2. Glue the feather near the top on the pen. 
  3. Wrap the entire pen from the base to the top where the feather extends from with ribbon. 
  4. The end of the ribbon should be glued firmly into place. You can stop there or decorate the pen until you are satisfied with the turn out.

The envelope basket-
This basket is usually placed on a table next to the receiving line. The basket is always dressed up with the sole purpose of holding monitory gifts. The envelope basket is usually covered completely except for a small opening for the cards. The envelope basket is always taken away once everyone is seated, and is often locked away in the management office of the reception site.

The envelope basket can be purchased in a specialty or bridal shop. These baskets are known to be quite expensive but, if you have patients it is yet another item that can be hand crafted by someone who has never done it before.

There are many books that can give you ideas on how to make your own envelope baskets by hand. Following a guide will be necessary in this area. The details are not as simple as 1-2-3. With the use of a book as guide along with patients and some materials you should have this inexpensive fun project completed within a day.

Making your own envelope basket will save you approximately $30.00 depending on the materials used, remember, you wont be paying for labor or mark up costs just the cost of materials.

Personalized napkins and matchboxes-
Commonly seen at weddings are personalized napkins and matchboxes with the wedded couple’s names and marriage date printed on them. Although these items are cute and may be used as a souvenir by some of your guests they are really not as important as some may think. Personalized items will cost you more, so consider cutting back in this area without the use of print on your napkins. Matchboxes can probably be excluded all together, as with most restaurants or halls smoking is usually not allowed.

Although we have only hit on a few ways to save on your wedding accessories, these ideas may go a long way with your over all wedding budget. Creating things by hand will always work out cheaper in the long run, even if it takes up a bit of time and demand your patients. Try just one of our crafty ideas, seeing the finished project may inspire you into working with some others. We hope this area will assist you with money saving tips and creative ideas.

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