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Things To Know When Choosing Your Flowers

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Things to Know When Choosing Your Flowers

Flowers add beauty and fragrance that brings atmosphere and elegance to any occasion. Flowers not only add the visual pleasure and a note of festiveness to the event, but also symbolically represents to the full bloom of new love, life and happiness.

When choosing Your flowers here are a few tips to consider.
The formality of your wedding.
Depending on the formality of your event, your flowers should work to compliment the occasion, thus, the more formal the wedding the more formal the flowers. Formal flowers and arrangement may include formal bouquets, which are traditionally al white and commonly one type of flower, but, blending with another similar flower type will not take anything away from the desired look.

The time of day.
If you are a hopeless romantic a late wedding maybe your preference in which case, white or brightly colored flowers will likely stand out much more to your liking especially if the ceremony is held under the dim romantic rays of candle light.

The wedding colors.
What are the color tones or theme of the wedding? It is quite common to determine the floral décor color preference before deciding on the color of the wedding party outfits

The Season.
Flowers as discussed previously should represent the bloom of new love, life and happiness, for this and other reasons in season flowers may be a better decision to ensure you get the freshness and luster needed from your floral presentation. In season flowers as stated in “tips on working with a floral budget” are also less costly and will more than likely last longer because they had a shorter distance to travel.

The unifying theme of your wedding.
What type of wedding is you planning or would prefer? A country style affair with baskets of beautiful fresh flowers accented by wild flowers or would you favor a more traditional, formal celebration where elegance carries throughout from attire to décor?

Depending on the theme of your wedding, being creative with your colors sequence or outfit should take serious consideration to gather a uniformed and visually pleasing appearance. Working with a wedding coordinator may prove benefiting in this area as they are more familiar with the settings and style needed to pull it off.

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