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Handy Tips on Ceremony Floral Arrangements

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Handy Tips on Ceremony Floral Arrangments
Ceremony-Floral When choosing your ceremony flowers think of how big the church is and how high the ceilings may be. This will help you to determine the size of arrangements you will need to captivate the perfect look.

If, the location is a small country church, think about smaller arrangements, big elaborate ones will over power and cluster the space (keep it simple).
A grand cathedral however, flowers will need not to be lost but to highly visible, bold and elaborate will go well for this location and ceremony. The choice of arrangements you will choose from will come in all shapes, sizes and style, you will find the perfect setting for your location given you can provide your florist with small details of the space and environment.
If you are curious of how much of the ceremony site gets decorated with flowers, well, Some couples choose to have only a few large and a few small arrangements placed around the alter area. Other couples prefer to go all out with their flower displays placing them on the pews, windows and windowsills, this is of course a chosen decision. Your best bet is to take a look at the location, capture a visible image in your head and see what would be suitably done for you then, present the idea to your florist to work with.
Should the alter arrangements sit on the floor or on stands?
This is a question some will ask their florist. Depending on the size of the arrangements, some flowers will be more presentable on stands however, you will also need to ask if these stands are available through your florist. Ask your florist if they are able to provide you with some pictures of previous wedding displays, this will help to give you more ideas on arrangements, colors and schemes.
Flower presentation
Presentation prepared by your florist, are almost always absolutely a work of art. Florists have the talent to organize a group of flowers no matter what is used as a container. Displaying of flowers is what they have been trained to do. Most professional florists have the knack and patients to what most of us cant possibly do. The creation of a floral arrangement is a work of art. With the help of some creativity, flowers can be arranged in almost anything including baskets, pots, vases and even in a ribbon tied manner hanging on and along the aisle and pews of the church to create a wonderful gentle look. Potted flowers have also been suggested for summer weddings placed in and around the entry- way of the ceremony location and other areas that may need a bit more color and flair.

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