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Save Money on Wedding Flowers

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Save Money on Wedding Flowers

As in our article on working with a floral budget, setting a specific financial restriction on the spending of wedding floral is a major way of reducing cost on the wedding. Flowers do add beauty and charm to almost any space but, for a wedding the expense can be quite exaggerated and keeping cost to a minimum may be easier than you think without loosing the atmosphere and elegance.


Floral There are many ways you can save when choosing the flowers for your wedding, here is a list of helpful hints on how to save in this area. 

Major flower giving holidays-
If you are considering a holiday wedding, think about your floral budget and you may change your mind. During Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother’s day and Valentines Day we are all well aware of how many flowers are exchanged. When flowers are in high demand they cost more, usually the prices of flowers will go up from the demands of peek season requests. The suppliers will increase their charge to florists which in turn will be absorbed into the cost to you.

Aside from the higher cost of flowers during these holidays, florists are also very busy and may not be able to give your wedding flowers the time and attention needed. Avoiding peek holiday season will help you stay on budget and more of all get you the type of flowers your wedding day requests. If your wedding will be held during a floral peek season, consider using flowers that are more common, this will keep cost to a minimum as these flowers will be more available. See next paragraph.

Local in-season flowers or Imported exotic flowers-
Here we go, obviously local in-season flowers will cost you less to purchase. 
All flowers have a blooming period. The flowers you choose to include in your bouquets may possibly not be in season during the time of year as your wedding. Discuss some options with your florist to determine the best choices for in-season flowers. 
Exotic imported flowers are absolutely gorgeous and commonly seen in wedding bouquets. These flowers are often the first flowers chosen by a bride-to-be, if exotic imported flowers are used it is usually only in the bridal bouquet. These flowers are however, very expensive and not as easy to get. There are particular flowers that are better known as ‘wedding flowers’ it is not a rule of thumb that others not be used, your choice would simply depend on a matter of preference. Discuss this with your florist, you may find that your options to be more extensive and favorable to saving money. 

Floral Bridal flowers-
“Bridal flowers” will cost you more than regular flowers. Flowers labeled as ‘Bridal flowers’ will automatically come with a price increase. Commonly selected wedding flowers are; gardenias, dendrobium orchids, white rose, orange blossoms and camellias. Avoiding these particular flowers will ensure you won’t spend more than you need to in this area.


Inexpensive flowers

  • Baby’s breath
  • Carnations
  • Aster
  • Alstromeria
  • Eucalyptus
  • Geranium
  • Gerbera daisy
  • Ivy
  • Statice
  • Zinnia

Flowers that will be seen-
It is easy to get carried away when ordering flowers, be sure however to put some thought into where the flowers are going to be placed and whether they will be seen by your guests. Filling in big open spaces with flowers is a nice touch but consider whether these areas will be noticed as much as you think. There is no point in wasting money on areas that will go unnoticed, instead consider spending more of your floral budget on areas that are highly noticeable by your guests and will set presence in your photos. These areas include the ceremony alter and the dinner area of your reception site.

Re-using your wedding flowers-
Commonly, the couple will order a set of flowers for the ceremony location and another set of flowers for the reception site. While this is a common thing to do, it will also cost you more money. Consider making good use out of one set of flowers, this can be done by making arrangements with your florist or family member to transport the ceremony flowers to the reception site once the vows are exchanged. 

Labor and time costs more-
If you are trying to stay within a limited budget consider choosing simple wedding arrangements instead of fancy elaborate ones. Two things determine the cost of arrangements, one being the type of flowers chosen and two, the style of the arrangement. Depending on the arrangement, a lot of time and effort may be needed to construct the look you want. Labor and time will cost you more money. Stay simple and save.

Here are some more hints to saving you money

  • Don’t pay the delivery fee, have someone pick the flowers up for you. This could save you close to a hundred dollars.
  • Enquire about the transfer fee that the florist may charge to have the flowers transported between the ceremony and the reception site. You may consider asking someone with a van to help you in this area.
  • Share the cost, that’s right enquire whether another wedding will be taking place the same day as yours. If so, ask the ceremony site for their contact information and see whether they would be interested in sharing the ceremony flowers and splitting the cost.
  • Request market buys to your florist, market buy is just a term used when looking to purchase great flowers that a supplier is selling at a reduced cost.
  • Forget about head and desert table flowers. Make use out of the wedding party’s bouquets. Place them neatly as centered pieces in areas of the tables instead of paying for high priced centerpieces.
  • The flower girl does not need an expensive bouquet. Make use out of a single flower, or a crafted basket filled with flower petals.
  • Color makes an arrangement look full. Avoid a white on white bridal bouquet. A white on white flower bouquet will need more flowers to give a full effect in appearance.
  • There is a benefit to holding a Christmas or New Years wedding. Most locations are already decorated for the season with fresh evergreens, poinsettias, candles and ribbon. Adding a bit more color and fragrance with a few floral centerpieces will capture a wonderfully decorated wedding location at minimal cost to you.
  • Large vases cost more to fill. Stick to small items and avoid added costs.
  • Potted plants can be used. Consider saving and using them as centerpieces and favors.

Create smart and inexpensive centerpieces

  • Don’t have them made, purchase inexpensive vases and place a few long stemmed flowers inside. Decorate with ribbon and they are ready. Don’t purchase the flowers until the day of the wedding, delegate this job to someone close to you and have them place a few flowers in each vase before the guests start arriving.
  • Vases can be filled with lemons, fruit, or limes. This will add a complimentary freshness to the atmosphere when combined with the other fragrances in the room
  • Candles can be used in many ways. A cluster of different sizes can be placed in the center of the table bundled together with a ribbon.
  • Having a beach wedding? Consider filling kids beach buckets with sand, place candles in the sand and place a few seashells around the outer edges.
  • Place twigs and branches inside tall glass vases. The twigs and branches can be spray-painted to give an artistic look to be uniformed with the theme of your wedding.
  • Having a fall wedding? Collect an assortment of fallen leaves by colors and shapes. Scatter the leaves on the dinner tables to present the theme of a fall wedding. Fill other vases with twigs and branches this will work beautifully with your wedding décor and will be friendly to your pocket as the cost is $0.

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