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Catering For Convenience

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Catering For convenience

Selecting from a sit down dinner or buffet style will depend on your preference. Keep in mind the convenience of your guests and what they may enjoy more as well, having a good idea of your guests preferences can do a great deal in satisfying their appetites.
Sit-down dinners are more formal and the use of wait-staff is necessary. Many feel they are treating their guests better by having them served instead of serving them selves however, many people (myself included) does not mind the idea of being selective in my plate's dressing. The choice here realy depends on the formality and image of the event
Buffet style dinners are less formal, they give your guests a better option of what they like to eat. It also gives the advantage of going back for seconds. This service may save you a bit on wait-staff costs but the food needed to keep a fresh-full look on the table may cost you more then you think. If you decide a buffet style dinner is your preference think of a way of having the line flow quickly such as two lines for example. this will help to speed things up a bit and prevent uncle tom from not getting a taste of his favorit food while it's still nice and warm
Stations are another great form of catering to your guests. Think of stations set up around each other, each station providing a great looking selection of different foods. This keeps thing fresh and fun.
Pasta station: Great selection of pastas displayed in an appetizing fashion with different types such as Tortellini and fettuccini with various sauces including marinara, pesto and alfredo. These are enough to give anyone a good appetite. Pasta stations are popular and often do very well so you may want to discuss this as an option with your caterer so as to have more then the estimated amount supplied.
Meat station: This station will hold a selection of meats that you have ordered, it may also be considered as a carving station if you have deiced on roasts or other carved meats. Leg of lamb, turkey and ham are great ideas. Discuss with your caterer whether there there lamps will be used to keep fresh meats warm.
Barbecue or grill station: Vegetables and meats freshly grilled can be a popular station that holds many great foods, choices and selection some being skewers of chicken, beef or scallops a selection of vegetables and zucchinis. Think of how popular this would be.
Salad bar station: Not only your typical selection of romaine and garden salads but a selection of fruit, shrimp and vegetable salads also breads and soups can be served at the station. Wow what a selection in those wonderful station type displays.
Not only are they providing your guests with selection but in such a unique way. 

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