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A Summary on Catering Before Deciding

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A Summary on Catering Before Deciding

There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect caterer and meal to serve during your wedding day reception. Choosing your caterer will come first, discus issues such as, there prices and types of catering service they provide along with the cost (cost is always important). Other key questions:

  • What other food and hors d'oeuvres can you provide?
  • Will I need to rent my own linens, china, dishes and cutlery?
  • Will the caterer alter their menu for those with dietary needs?
  • Will their be food for the vendors?
  • Is there a refund policy in case a cancellation is necessary?
  • What will you do with the left over food if food is overestimated?

First things first, always be sure to taste test the caterers cooking ahead of time. The price may be good but the food may not, the last thing you want to do is feed your guests food they will remember for years to come. You can book appointments with most catering companies to sit down and enjoy some samples, this will give you the opportunity to try their food and ask questions.
Caterers come in many different ways, some have different degree of services they provide, each very in price and do things in different ways.
In-house caterers- Most hotels and halls have In-house caterers, this makes things easier for you. Most of these caterers have great food selections with service and is willing to work with you and your needs. If you are lucky they may even fit your budget.
The advantage in using an In-home catering service is that you will not need to go through different companies to get the services you need, these caterers often supply their own linens, tableware and cutlery. While all these advantages sound great, be careful of their prices. Do some research so you have a knowledge of the prices various caterering companies charge for services.
Off-Site Caterers- They provide you with the basic elements of catering, food and food only. No beverages, no table linens, glassware, dishes or silverware. They often don’t even supply wait staff. This can give you an advantage by being able to select all the extras at more reasonable prices. Shopping around and getting your best deals can be time consuming but it could save you a pretty penny in this area.
All-Star Caterers- provides most of your needs as well as market prices. These caterers come prepared to treat you and your event well. Supplying all accessories needed from dishes to wait staff, they may even supply your beverages.
Your local party rental stores may also provide a wide selection of what you are looking for.
Whoever you hire to cater to you and your guests on your special day, it is often a good idea to get references on the catering service you decide on. There is nothing like a good referral to put some ease and assurance to your mind.

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