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Traditional Foods to Suit Your Guests

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Traditional Foods to Suit Your Guests

Most cultures enjoy the tastes of their own foods and cooking. Choosing a caterer that specialize in your country's dishes can set your mind at ease knowing that the meal to be served is one that your guests providing the majority are from your cultural background will enjoy.
Whether buffet or sit-down style you can have your event catered to with a familiar taste. Enjoy eating those delicious dishes you may not have had time to prepare, your family and friends will appreciate your thought and consideration for the food choices & selections
decided on for the event.
If you are marrying into a multi cultural family, your choices can be very broad in selection. Ask for some advise from close family and friends to help you decide on what types of food your guests may enjoy.
Pulling some pastas into your menu can be a wise idea, not only is it filling but most families enjoy the simplicity of pastas with different types of sauces. Adding to your basic pastas, try some seafood pastas that may include shrimp and/or lobster. And for the vegetarians: vegetarian lasagna can be maid up especially for those with dietary preferences.

Soups are hearty, healthy and come filled with many different ingredients. Warming your guests up with a nice hot bowl of soup serves as a great appetizer.

All traditions eat meat excluding those individuals who are vegetarians. Meats don't all get prepared the same way. All traditions prepare their meats in different ways, with different seasonings and spices also with different cooking preparations, for this reason your choice to have a specialty caterer to cater to your traditional expectations is probably a good idea.
Chicken being on the top of the list. Even though chicken is often prepared according to your cultural tastes, chicken can also be prepared in ways all traditions can enjoy like being, barbecued or grilled. Roast beef being number two for those who eat red meat. Roast is most commonly marinated and cooked until your preferred tenderness some prefer rare, medium rare and others like beef well done. If you choose to include roast beef, chances are you will have a few roasts cooked for the occasion so, talk to your caterer about having some cooked less rare than others. Fish is also one of the items you can include on your menu without complaints
Simple salads whether garden or pasta, your guests will usually enjoy whatever is served. A salad is not meant to be a filler simply an appetizer.
A common basket of dinner rolls placed on the table with a side of butter is a great way to add to your guests enjoyment while eating soup or salad, pastas or meats.
Depending on the tradition, most people enjoy potatoes prepared in many different ways, rice with many different ingredients, fries and of coarse pasta.

All traditions eat vegetables, boiled, steamed, grilled and sautéed even barbecued on a skewer.
Speak to your caterer to see iF they supply any deserts, some only cover the food. In this situation you will need to order from your local bakery. Again you will find bakeries that specialize to specific cultures. For your cultures old family favorites contact some of the bakeries in your area to see if they cater to weddings.
This is a big one, finding the perfect wedding cake is a big decision not only for the type of cake but colour, style, number of layers you want etc. Wedding cakes are also baked with specific ingredients to cater to the family’s cultural favorite.

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