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Options For Saving on Liquir & Bar Service

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Options For Saving on Liquir & Bar Services

Aside from your typical "open or cash bar", you may want to consider some other options and ways to help you save money.
Provide your guests with an open bar during a happy hour only. These could be on scheduled time frames throughout the evening along with a cash bar in between periods. The serving of wine and champaign over the dinner hour will help to reduce the cost of alcohol, this will also be fair to those guests who enjoys drinking alcoholic beverages over dinner.
Another great option.
Have a cash bar, also have a convenient scheduled round of tray service. This is to provide free alcohol to your guests without having a constant consumption of free drinks. You wont look cheap because you are providing your guests with alcoholic beverages at no cost to them during these scheduled rounds. Anything other is at the cost to them if this is not enough. Tray service can be provided through your wait staff, they will walk around with a variety tray to accommodate your guests preferences.
Free champaign punch.
This is an alcoholic punch, its affordable and it caters to the adults who enjoy alcoholic beverages. A large quantity of Champaign punch can go along way and cater to those with preferences.
A bottle of Red wine and a bottle of white wine placed on each table will fill about ten glasses. Every table seating approximately eight to ten guests, one bottle of each wine will do well and cover the drinking problem over the dinner hour while adding to your guests enjoyment of having wine with dinner.
This is a celebrant beverage, utilize the ability to serve Champaign during toasts and speeches. This will help to reduce your open bar alcohol expense as well.
Keep it simple.
If your reception site will allow it, think about staying away from expensive alcohol and drink mixes, not only does your bar tender usually charge by the amount of mixed drinks he may poor but also the cost for these are more expensive then beer and wine. If you can do better have a beer and wine bar only. Ordering a keg of beer and a few cases of wine will also help to cut your bar costs.

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