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Reception Seating Arrangements & Guide

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Reception Seating Arrangments & Guide

Your responses are in, now you'll need to plan the seating arrangements. However small your event may seem having each guest assigned to a designated table will be far more organized and less confusion will take place. If your event is a stand up affair such as a luncheon or a back yard reception, seating and tables can be set out and along the outskirts of the event grounds.


A seating plan can be carefully organized by yourself and other helpful relatives, they may be able to help you with the comfort levels and convenience of seating everyone were they are most comfortable, keep in mind some guest are best seated with caution and others seated comfortably with disabilities. The thought and consideration should also include things like age, marital status, location of buffet, bar and washrooms should also play a part in your floor plan and your overall seating outline. You can obtain a sketch of the overall floor plan provided by the reception site.
Where to start with your seating outline? Well first things first, gather the information on your guest list, who can sit with who and determine the number of tables required to seat everyone comfortably. Group your guests accordingly and number the tables. Retain a copy of the reception site so you can decide the best possible seating. Keep in mind, location for the entertainment, head table for the bridal party and all the other areas that may interfere with the comfort of your guests. With a visual plan in front of you it will be much easier to make a list of appropriate seating assignments.
Groups of six to eight people should be assigned to each table depending on the table size. In these groups assign individuals who know each other and get along. Once you have grouped all parties, draw out your table plan on the layout of the reception site. On that plan number the tables according to the assigned groups. All guests should receive a place card upon arrival this will help them find there assigned seats, place cards will also be located on each table in a numerical or named order. If you have someone close to you that would like to assist have them guide and assist your guests to their assigned table.
These should be placed on each table as per planned on your seating arrangement outline, these will not only help to keep the evening flowing well but they will also help to keep everyone seated in a comfortable and assigned location. Keep in mind, your reason for an organized seating plan is to confirm everyone is seated fairly and comfortably. Tables can be numbered so your guests will find their spots easily. At large affairs a host or hostess can be used to help guests find their designated seats.
THE HEAD TABLE (wedding party)
The head table is to be situated were all tables have a good visual and can see the wedding party easily, after all the bride and groom are to be the main focal point of the event. Most often the guests tables are allocated around the dance floor and the head table is against a wall in plain open view. At the head table the seating plan should go in this order; The bride sits to the grooms right, with the best man next to the groom. Other attendants fan out in man/women fashion around the rest of the table. The parents and the clergy may also be at the main table, although at large weddings the parents often have tables of their own nearby with other close relatives.
We do understand that not everyone believes is this seating style, and may come up with some great ideas of their own, for example, the newlywed couple sitting at a private table by themselves is one we have heard of. A private, intimate and romantic setting is an elegant idea if this is your preference.

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