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The Protocals of a Reception

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The Protocals of a Reception

Each family celabrates in it's own way with most having their own style. Some families are fussy and elaberate while others are less elaberate and more suttle. Thought and concideration will need to play a part in the decision when choosing the perfect entertainment, food and various other areas of your event. Naturally some situations are more complicated, such as, relative feudes and other mixed emotional coasters. You cant force people to change their mood with each other however, what you can provide is a comfortable atmosphere filled with the joy of being with your loved ones for example: Put strong thought into your seating arrangments.

  • Will the time of day and location chosen be of any problem to some of your elderly guests? Maybe you could hire a source of transportation for these special guests to your wedding.
  • Will your guest have to wait while you take pictures? Maybe taking pictures earlier would avoid this.
  • Will there be alot of children at your reception See if you could arrange a small playroom to keep them accupied while being supervised by some of the teenagers
  • Will some guests have dietery needs? diabetic, peanut alergy vegitarion etc. Maybe you could give caterer a list to go by for catering to these particular visitors
  • Will there be lots of dancing? maybe you could have a list of the various visitors to attend by ethnicity age and style so you could ensure everyone would get a part of the dance feaver.

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