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Deciding On Your Ceremony Location

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Deciding on Your Ceremony Location

The ceremony location will be a place not only to exchange vows but also the place where your life together begins as husband and wife. The ceremony should be held in a location where you and your spouse are comfortable with and in agreement on. For most ceremonies, the location chosen is in a place of worship. Not all people belong to a religious group and so choosing a location can be a concern.


Consider asking family or friends about their religious beliefs and place of worship then make an appointment to speak with the clergyman to find out the policies of marrying non-members. Most places of warship have policies that will vary between locations and beliefs. Some clergies will ask you to attend counseling sessions and pre-marital classes before agreeing to marry a non-member couple. Agreeing with religious beliefs of the selected location is a must and if you cannot agree with the beliefs consider a non-denominational church such as (Unitarian).

For those with religious beliefs it is expected that they be married within their church and if only one party is involved in a religious group it will be mandatory for the other individual to become a part of the religious group through counseling and classes.

Here is a list of practical details to consider when deciding on the ceremony location.

  • Can the location hold all of the expected guests?
  • Could the location be too large?
  • Does the location contain an organ?
  • Suitable amount of parking space?
  • Are there any other services scheduled for that day that could interfere with your time?
  • Ventilation and temperature easily controlled?
  • Are there separate areas for the bride and groom to wait without seeing each other?
  • Are there restrooms available, clean and presentable?
  • Is the entryway large enough for greeting guests if rain is falling outdoors?
  • Any charges or expectations for the use of the site?
  • For non-members are there any additional costs?

Home wedding ceremony- This is often a very unique and wonderful way to celebrate your wedding day. Choosing a at home wedding affair is often held at the parents of the brides home, or, the parents of the groom, close friend or family members home. Deciding on this type of wedding however comes with a bit more than just a simple gathering of family and friends, cake, decorations and food. While this type of wedding can be more cost efficient, there are a few things to consider which could bring your budget up and above what you originally expected. Aside from the decorating and catering needs you will need to evaluate how many guests you may be able to fit in the space you have available, space for parking also needs to be considered. The overall appearance of the house is one of the biggest issues when considering an at home wedding. Painting and renovations are often two of the more costly factors when planning this type of affair.


  • Consider the location, the guest list and parking spaces you have to work with.
  • Evaluate what kind of work will be needed around the home and what type of rentals you will need to pull off the event.

Outdoor ceremony- This is a very romantic way of spending your wedding day. Be sure however that when choosing a location, it is in a very private location or you will have many on-lookers and curious people over seeing your event. This type of wedding can be held in a backyard, park, scenic landscaping, or grounds of a museum location etc. Along with the location grounds, rental of all needed party rentals will be required at your expense. Be sure you inform all venders of your location intentions so they can be prepared for special situations. 

Spend a day at the facility or park you are considering to monitor public traffic and other issues that may arise. While there, consider where you may stand during the ceremony and determine whether the sun will be in your eyes during the ceremony. Don’t forget that if you are planning an outdoor event that you will be in a natural environment, bugs, bees, rain, and wind could become a problem or factor so, taking the time to evaluate the surrounding may prove valuable to ensuring a smoothly operated wedding day.

City Hall or Justice of the Peace- Schedule an appointment with the location to enquire about fees and what to expect. This type of wedding is very informal and does not require decorations or additional expenses. Ask a family member to come prepared with a camera to be your photographer for the day. Remember even though this seems to be a very simple wedding it is none the less a very special day and should be remembered as such. It will always be the day that you and your husband joined hands in marriage.

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