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Matron of Honor Duties in The Wedding

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Matron of Honor Duties in The Wedding

The maid/matron of honor is chosen to be a witness and also to play a very strong and important role in the planning of the eagerly awaited wedding event. This person is usually a very close family member or a best friend of the bride. She will be an individual that will stand out among the bridesmaids and be displayed as an important figure in the brides life.

How will she stand out among the others? Well for one, the maid of honor is usually dressed slightly different from the rest of the bridal party in style and not color. The maid of honor remains close to the bride during most of the event and during picture taking. She will be there as an emotional support and as an assistant in planning the event. The maid of honor should also be able to stand some of the financial support needed for additional preparation leading up to the date of the wedding. She will be the one person responsible for planning the wedding shower which will also include some help from the bridal party but for the most part the maid of honor will usually hold the biggest part in the preparation.
While the title of maid of honor may seem to be stressful it comes with its share of excitement and pleasure. It comes with a wonderful proud feeling of knowing that she is a very important part of the wedding and one of the dearest to the bride-to-be. Here are some common duties taken on by the maid/matron of honor:
Maid/Matron Of Honor:

  • Offers a helping hand in the addressing and mailing of invitations.
  • Record taking of received pre-wedding gifts
  • Plays the role of a shopping buddy, when needed
  • Planning of the wedding shower (bridesmaids must be included in plans)
  • Stands the expense of her own wedding attire
  • Assists bride with any help needed during planning
  • Helps the bride in getting dressed for the ceremony
  • The constant arranging of the brides train and veil during the ceremony and while picture taking
  • The ring is in the maid of honors hands until needed at the alter
  • Holds the bridal bouquet when an extra hand is needed
  • The maid of honor and best man signs the wedding certificate as witnesses to the wedding
  • She will stand with you in the receiving line at the reception if one is planned
  • Assists the bride during any awkward time with the gown on; using the ladies room, changing into different clothes at the reception or leaving for the honeymoon
  • The gown is in the hands of the maid of honor once the bride is out of it for the evening. Dry cleaning and preserving the gown is often done while the bride is away on her honeymoon.

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